The Racine community is home to a number of visual arts organizations, museums, theater companies, galleries, music organizations, performance groups, dance studios, special art events and concert series. With over 4,000 pieces of art jewelry, ceramics, glass, fibers, polymer, metals and wood, the Racine Art Museum has America’s largest collection of contemporary craft. Additionally the Racine Theatre guild offers a series of seven to eight stage plays annually.

There are a number of yearly concerts held by the Racine Symphony Orchestra, and there are live concerts on Monument Square in downtown Racine during the summertime. We are also known for our 4th of July Parade, the largest in the Midwest.

Racine is known for the large prom celebration it holds, which has been featured on This American Life and the documentary "The World’s Best Prom". The main prom includes participation from all the high schools in the area. A special needs prom called “A Night To Remember” is held just after the other larger prom.

Racine has a very vibrant and unique lakefront community. With its historic charm, art galleries, boutiques, museums and international cuisine, and numerous local events, Racine is the place to be!