General Investigations Unit

The General Investigations Unit (GIU) has an excellent reputation in the law enforcement community. This department concentrates on identifying, locating, and apprehending criminals and fugitives; surveillance operations, serving warrants, and developing crime prevention strategies. All investigators must complete extensive training and demonstrate competence in all types of incidents. Additionally, individuals receive specialized training in their area of emphasis, such as arson, fraud, child abuse, etc. Responsibilities include responding to crime scenes, case follow-ups, investigations, presenting cases for prosecution, and participating in the court process. 

The General Investigations Unit is under the command of the Deputy of Chief of Investigations and is staffed by one lieutenant, two sergeants, 21 investigators, 3 criminalists, one crime analyst, an identification assistant, and one administrative assistant. It can be compartmentalized in seven main units: 

  1. General Crimes Unit
  2. Sensitive Crimes Unit
  3. ICAC Task Force
  4. White Collar Crimes Unit
  5. Robbery Unit
  6. ATF Violent Crime Task Force
  7. Burglary Unit 

There are many opportunities within the General Investigations Unit, most notably the ability to collaborate with other outstanding law enforcement professionals. Our investigators have participated in numerous, multi-jurisdictional investigations with federal, state, and municipal agencies. Additionally, the Major Crimes Unit is an elite group of both GIU and SIU investigators charged with investigating homicides, and boosting a clearance rate well above the national standard. Arson investigators also receive special training and work hand-in-hand with the Racine Fire Department.

Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is a unit within the department that consists of a drug unit, gang unit, human trafficking unit, and DEA Investigators in drugs and pills.

The gang unit is part of a FBI task force and associated with the Milwaukee Area Safe Streets Task Force (MASSTF). They investigate gang related individuals that are involved in shootings, gun related crimes, and gang related narcotics sales. 

The drug unit consists of investigators from the department that develop drug cases and investigate drug complaints, drug case follow ups, and overdoses.   

The department has an investigator assigned to the Milwaukee area FBI human trafficking task force. This unit investigates human trafficking that involves sexual related crimes as well as individuals forced into human trafficking for labor.

The SIU has two investigators assigned to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as well. These investigators assist local law enforcement departments and develop cases on larger volume drug sales and pills.

 All SIU investigators are assigned to the department's Major crimes unit and investigate shootings and homicides. 

The Special investigations unit as a group of all the above named units work together to assist the General investigation unit, patrol, and COP units in working on any major or dangerous crime and wanted dangerous individuals within the community.