Criminalist Position/ID Unit/Major Crimes

The RPD Criminalist is an appointed position based on evidence technician skills and experience. A Criminalist should have patrol level evidence technician experience and Major Crimes evidence technician experience is preferred. Currently, the RPD has three Criminalists assigned to the ID Bureau. The Criminalists lead the Major Crimes Unit Evidence Technicians who are called to respond for evidence collection, preservation, processing, and documentation of major and other noteworthy crime scenes. The Criminalists train the patrol evidence technicians and continue to support them as new training and methods are introduced into the world of forensics.

The ID Unit is responsible for the transmittal of evidence to the Wisconsin State Crime Lab. New techniques are learned from updates at the Crime Lab. The ID Unit has an Automated Fingerprint Identification System operator, National Integrated Ballistic Information Network operator, and a Forensic Video Technician. Criminalists are cross trained between the various specialties within the ID Unit and can assist in the other disciplines. Criminalists process evidence using chemical processes, use of alternate light source, and other equipment not available to the patrol level evidence technician.