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I want to say, ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you’ for your interest in becoming a law enforcement officer with the Racine Police Department. Few careers are as rewarding as law enforcement. Police officers spend their days protecting and serving the community. They’re often motivated by working for something greater than themselves, and they can end each day knowing their time and talents are being well spent.

When joining the Racine Police Department, you’ll have a unique opportunity to serve the community and positively impact the lives of those around you. The duty to protect and serve is a significant reason why many people choose to become police officers. They take pride in upholding the law and protecting their fellow citizens.

Becoming a police officer opens up opportunities to develop personally and professionally, as well as make a positive difference in the community. You’ll protect the public, prevent crime, and provide support to the citizens of Racine. It’s a very rewarding and at the same time a challenging job, however you will see the direct impact of your work.

When you sign up to become a police officer, you’ll be committing to a job that gives you something new every day. You will be professionally trained and you’ll continue to learn and develop, so you’ll feel confident when answering a call.

If you're passionate about helping build a positive police culture in our community, I’m asking you to join us. A career in law enforcement is a great opportunity to make an impact in the community while earning plenty of benefits along the way.

Chief Ramirez

Alexander Ramirez

Chief of Police

SERVE & PROTECT   Serve & Protect

Ready for a career that’s more than just a job? Want to work in a profession that utilizes your mental and physical skills to positively impact the lives in your community?

A career as a Racine, Wisconsin police officer may be the perfect fit! With units such as K9, COP unit, SWAT, training, investigations, criminalists, honor guard, and motor, Racine police officers work in a variety of positions.

  • Competitive Pay ($66,872 - $81,785.60 Annually)
  • Family Health Coverage
  • Paid Vacation & Holidays
  • Work Near a Top Beach in the Nation (by
  • Community Policing Initiatives
  • Full-Time Peer Support on Staff

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